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2009-07-15 00:43:06 by RealCharacter

I decided to do something useful soooo. I'm gonna post stuff on the art forum. So here's my first Pic!

Who The Hell do you Think I am!?

2009-02-19 23:42:10 by RealCharacter

OK! So as i said a thousand times if anyone even finds my account I have decided to take things a little LESS seriously honest to god. Apparently Im gonna start focusing on School, Flash, Drawing, and Video games. But not in that order of course since knowing me i wouldn't go in that order. I have also decided to be open with voice acting. YES voice acting. about damn time I started at least participating in this crap. Problem is I don't have a microphone yet but I believe that my dad might have a spare one so I'm hoping so. I can do a pretty good SOLID SNAKE voice or at least NAKED SNAKE voice from MGS3 I'm also improvising my voice acting so I can take it further for instance Louis from Left 4 Dead, Demoman from TF2...Guy with Japanese accent (Just in case). Random Stuff like that. So if your interested just send me a message via XboxLive or Newgrounds (I'd prefer XboxLive.) Gamertag is, you guessed it: Real Character. (space included).

PS: BONK!...
PSS: I'm unfortunately using a basic microphone for now I'll try to see if anyone at home is willing to part with one.
PSSS:...My Mac is also fixed so thats what Im using for Audacity and Flash CS3